Which are the Best personalized gift ideas?

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Top 8 personalized gift ideas

August 11, 2014

personalized gift mugHolistically speaking, the way to reach some people’s heart is by gifts. In true friendship, it’s not the gifts that matter, but the feelings of friendship and support that count the most. Personalized gifts always have a unique edge, making them special. If you in need to get some ideas for personalized gifts, our list would definitely help you out.

Personalized mugs

Gifting personalized mugs have been a trend for quite some time. Having either the person’s photograph on the mug or some relevant and appropriate quote on the mug would be a very nice idea. With the infusion of technology, there are mugs of many types like some that display the picture when hot liquid is poured into it. They come at a very affordable price and worth every penny that you spend on it.

Personalized clocks

Is it your friend’s birthday? Adding your photos on a clock or making a collage of them and having a personalized clock of either wood or plastic would work wonders. It can be a symbol that your love/friendship is and would always be immortal. Moreover, every time that they check the time, they’ll remember you.

Calendar: Wall and desk

For your parent’s birthday, you can get a calendar with their favorite pictures. We put in another add-on, on each page put in pictures of you and them right from your childhood. Some gifts are priceless and this falls in that category.

Personalized laptop skins

Is the person you are gifting, inseparable from their laptop? For those addicted to their laptop, this is a pretty cool gift. Go to any computer fellow with the pictures and they’ll customize it in the way that fits the laptop top cover. A nice saying about love or friendship or your favorite picture is unique yet extremely nice.

Mobile phone covers

personalized mobile covers

The world is getting smaller and closer day by day, thanks to mobile phones. The last thing that people see before sleeping is their phones and in the morning as soon as their eyes open they check their phones! This shows the special bond that is shared between humans and phone. Does your friend fall in this category? Gift him a customized mobile cover with the picture of his favorite super hero or sports payer and he’ll be more than excited.

Soft teddies

This is gifted, mostly to children or to lovers and is absolutely cute. Red teddy is a symbol of love and placing your partner’s picture in the center with a heart will win their heart.


Remember the childhood days when scrapbooks were in? With Facebook, this great connecting book is totally outdated. Many people still like to have memories preserved in a vintage way and this would be the best gift for them.


personalized gifts ideasAnother trend which is gathering strength is personalized pillows. Have a picture of you both on it or your child picture on it, and it would be a gift that will stay with you for a long time.

With innovative yet affordable ideas we make this process of selecting the apt personalized gifts less taxing.


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