Which are the Best personalized gift ideas?

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Top 5 best personalized gift ideas for him and her

September 11, 2014

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”A selfless gesture intended to spread happiness to our loved ones and express our affection for them. Below are the few personalized ideas of gifts for him and her as well:

Gifts for him include rings, sports bag, whiskey glasses, wallets, pens and photo frames. Similarly, gifts for her include pendants, rings, coffee mugs, handbags, pens and photo frames.


Personalized rings and pendants: It is believed that the ring finger is directly connected to our heart. How about staying connected to our dear one’s heart always? Rings possess an excellent aura and hence top our list of perfect gifts. Pendants on the other hand, stay close to our heart and every time we look into the mirror, it just reminds us of the person and the love & care with which jewelry were gifted.

Drinks are man’s best friend. And they tend to celebrate every occasion with it. So Whiskey glasses with a message on it would surely surprise them. We start our mornings with Coffee Mugs. A mug with your signature will definitely make his/her day everyday.

Handbags are very close to a woman. They are one of the best gifts for her and when it has a message, she will protect and keep it safe for years. Similarly, Wallets form a great gifting idea for him with your name or initials engraved on it.

The memories stay with us forever. Photos we click and save on our desktops/phones/laptops when printed can create a great gift. Collage on a personalized photo frame can be one of the best personalized  gifts for both the genders.

Pens are mightier than the sword. Of course they are even for gifting. Every achievement needs a signature and this personalized pen ensures your presence as a beautiful prayer in every achievement.

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Hello ma'm, I loved your ideas for him and her. Thanks for posting. I'm hoping to see more such ideas from you. Love you