Which are the Best personalized gift ideas?

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Tips for Giving Personalized Gifts

September 1, 2014

Personalized gifts definitely are a wonderful way of celebrating different occasions. Everybody loves to see his/her name printed, and in the present day market, we have before us a tempting array of attainable possibilities of personalization. With a wide range of options, however, it might be confusing as to where to start from. Here are some tips for you to discover your personal favorites when it comes to personalized gifts.

With a wide variety of gift items to decide from, Beautiful personalized gifts are appropriate for almost any occasion. However, specific events call for an extra special touch of personalization

Make the present an event. Be creative with packaging! Rather than handing a gift in any regular wrapping sheet, think of this gifting process as any event. Hide the gift or send the person on a scavenger. Rather than giving a card, hide a message in a book which sends the person to the card code. Or sew the present into a stuffed toy so the person has to operate it to get it. And never, underestimate the power of unwrapping gifts.

Now, literally offer an experience- It is indeed difficult to gift a voracious book to a reader or a mix tape to a music lover and the movie lover has a fascinating collection of movie posters and movies, so you must be wondering what to do. Well, a ticket to a much awaited concert, a ticket to the movie about to release or the step by step guide gift leading to a restaurant or a date to go bowling would be surprisingly fun.

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Character study- While you are about to order your personalized gift, pay attention to what the person you will gift likes, how is his/her character, lifestyle, favorite colors, products and preferred brands and so on. Make a list and follow it as you opt for a personalized gift for the person.

Digging in- Laser etching or wood engraving, though common among personalized gifts, give a long lasting impression.

Use images- Images are always highly impressive. Be it a child’s first portrait or a framed snap of a family holiday or the graduation day snap  on phone cases or mugs or photo cakes or a collage framed. They are bound to be loved and make a person nostalgic and serve as good birthday, just-like-that, get-well-soon, or even as Best graduation gifts for her.

Think ahead of common gifts and go for quirky romantic gifts for her-
So, remember talking about a vacation with her? Or if you know she is stressed or over-working, why not book a weekend tour  and go out? Or plan a road trip? Gift the tickets or the plan and see her get amazed at the very thought.

 Let the sparks Fly-
 Create a romantic scrap book or a movie or story book with all that you both have shared or even send a personalized pillow as Amazing anniversary gifts for her.

 Play with the size. With personalized gifts, it is easy to go big, with items such as a personalized whiskey barrel or even small custom Pop-Tarts and much more.

 Include a bit of you- You can personalize a gift from your side rather for them. Bake a cake, write a poem, and record a song and such things. Combine these with other personalized gifts and create the ultra-personalized gift.

Be charitable- Find what the person is passionate about, and donate to that particular cause. If he/she is a dog lover, donate to animal rescue. Numerous charities help teens get off the streets, cure cancer, rehabilitate drug addicts, fight for reproductive rights, etc. Your personalized gift will be to the cause mattering in his/her name.

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